We have purchased 24 hydraulic axles from VMT and we are glad to inform that we are very satisfied with the performance of axles.
We have completed many assignment and are pleased to comment...

Ashok Ratan Goyal (Partner)
Jai Shree Transport Co, Hyderabad
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Product Range

VMT's wide range of products covers the most varied requirements for a transport task and payload class. The payload range is very big. VMT vehicles are in operation in almost all major cities in India, some of them under the toughest conditions. Computer controlled production planning makes the best possible use of production capacity. Logistics and stock turnover are optimized according to economic requirements. Many years of experience and the craftsmanship of the employees together with the most modern production technology guarantee production quality at the highest level.

All Product range is given in focus below:

1. Hydraulic Trailer

Hydraulic Trailer

Technical Specifications....

2. Flat Bed Container Trailer

Flat Bed Container Trailer

Technical Specifications....

3. Skeletal Container Trailer

Skeletal Container Trailer

4. Semi Low Bed Trailer

Semi Low Bed Trailer

5. Low Bed Trailer

Low Bed Trailer

6. Bomb Cart Trailer

Bomb Cart Trailer

7. Tanker Trailer

Tanker Trailer

8. Special Purpose Trailer